1. To avail I TRADEX service, you have to apply through your nearest branch with an application form.
  2. DO NOT share your password with anyone.
  3. DO NOT use the save password option on your computer and any other electronic devices.
  4. If you feel your Online login ID or Password have been stolen or compromised, change your password immediately.
  5. Change your password regularly. We recommend changing your password every 60 to 90 days.
  6. If you have any queries please email to isb_clouds@gdslbd.com
  7. You will abide by all terms & conditions of GDSL BO Book (page # 2, 3, & 4).
  8. You will abide by all terms & conditions of CDBL by Laws 7.3, 3(c).


Subscription Fee (BDT 300 per Annum) for I TRADEX Service will be debited from clients BO Account at the time of activation of this service. GDSL Management has the right to revise the subscription fees without any prior notice to the subscribers.

Expiry of Subscription:

The Subscription will be expired after one (1) year from the date of activation.

Auto renewal of Subscription:

In case of un-subscription from the service, subscribers need to inform to any of our branch by written request before one (1) month of expiry of the service. Otherwise this service will be auto renewed with applicable charges for next one (1) year.


  1. GDSL will not be liable, if any subscribed Clients investment information is leaked due to mobile phone missing/lost or mishandling of email and/or password.
  2. GDSL will not be liable, if any problem caused by mobile network/internet service either by the Mobile Operator or by the Service Provider
I Hereby declare that I have read the Terms and Conditions and agreed to follow as mentioned.